Hypothetical orange planet with two rings

Space Witch

She lounges, nude, in the long window seat, long legs draped over velvet cushions threaded with silver. The stars and gas giants, ripped from galactic tranquility, rumble and flare as her ship saunters by. She loves their two-fold reaction of


Composting for Poets

When I was fourteen, I asked my mom about hippies.

“Mom, were you a hippie in the sixties?”

She didn’t look up from her needlepoint. “What? Of course not.”

“But I thought everyone in the sixties was a hippie,” I

Raw Materials

It is a terrible thing to be in the thrall of one of the Fearless Ones. Their smiles edge you toward your own animosities and make your nightmares sweet as the scent of their skin. Your raw materials, while frequently