A Myth Much Prettier than Home (published in Microw Summer 2012)

Throwback from 2012:

Microw, a flash fiction supplement to Full of Crow Press and Distribution, published one of my stories.  Following the summer theme of “Home,” the story is titled “A Myth Much Prettier than Home” and peeks into the creation of the Sole Portal Builder in Marine Territory as he whips up a portal to home for Monsieur Atticus … but perhaps a “home” that can never be re-experienced.  Check it out:  http://www.fullofcrow.com/contentfiles/MICROW7Summer2012.pdf.

I’m embarrassed to have forgotten the musical inspiration for this piece.  I’m currently swimming in beautiful tunes by Tamaryn, Saint LouLou, and Foreign Cinema, so I’ll publish some new pieces soon.

Aside: a crow flew into our house recently and flew around, terrified, until D picked it up and took it outside where it pretended to be dead for a few moments, then flew away furiously.  That was the Summer Solstice.  Very symbolic, don’t you think?  I also think the crow gave our indoor cats fleas, but nevermind.  Nature is beautiful, though not always ….convenient.

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