AuthorWho I Am

Once upon a time, a construction-paper book titled Deaths of Horrible Opera Singers caused a stir in a small Midwestern elementary school. Encouraged, the weird kid who created it went on to write such perennial classics such as The Dead Chicken’s Revenge, The Unicorn who Overdosed on Diet Pepsi, and Lars, the Pig with No Skin. Well-forged in such irreverent fires, that kid–who eventually sprouted into me, Kate Hennessey–now turns thought experiments into written humor, magical realism, and spiritual transcendence. I promise that you can laugh and revere the universal mysteries simultaneously.

I live near California’s Monterey Bay with this swell gent, two cats, and a fat and noisy goldfish. In my spare time, I lead a fiction-writing critique group in Santa Cruz, pretend like I know what I’m doing in yoga class, and explore California’s jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches, forests, and coastal communities. There is no better backdrop to develop the ideas for my novels, short stories, and flash fiction pieces! On some glorious days, the scenes and dialogue seem to emerge from the waves, the sunsets, and even the barking sea lions (though occasionally the spell breaks when they belch in unison–trust me, this happens).

 I’m also a freelance writer who works with conscious companies and creatives of all kinds.  Learn more about my services here.