Splarks sang a song about Birthday Marsupials–wanna hear?

I sang a song, Mike Smith of Fiction 8 played some music, and it got recorded and put on Gestalt Digital’s themed compilation, Happy Birthday. It sounds vaguely like a Go-Go’s song about misbehaving marsupials crashing a birthday party, mixed with some inappropriate language.

For some reason, people can’t get enough of Marsupials Behaving Badly.  So now, marsupial lovers, you have a catchy little song about drunken kangaroos, crowd-surfing wallabies, and a venemous platypus (which is a monotreme, not a marsupial–it agreed to guest star when the thylacine could not be found).  Just what you wanted for your birthday.

For a limited time, you can download it for free if you tweet about it.  Check out this link to hear the song: http://vibedeck.com/birthdaysongs/marsupials-for-your-birthday-by-splarks-free-download

You can also hear the entire album with some other amusing (and a couple depressing) birthday-related tunes.  If you’re an indie musician, friend up with Gestalt Digital on Facebook because they do several themed compilations per year and take submissions, and their royalty and licensing terms are pretty good.  Next up is a Halloween-themed compilation.

Ah.  I will never have to sing the words “brown dorcopsis” again.










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4 Responses to “Splarks sang a song about Birthday Marsupials–wanna hear?”

  1. What if I don’t want to tweet about, but instead play it on my radio program? How would I download it?
    Anyway… listening to it put a big grin on my face! GoGo’s for sure.

  2. We can certainly work something out and I’ll send you an email :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I love this! (I would have liked your voice mixed closer to the front.) I definitely think the marsupial birthday song is way better than that plain old boring bday song! Way fun!!

  4. Totally badass.
    If only someone would bring Marsupials to my birthday party…

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