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AuthorWho I Am

Once upon a time, a construction-paper book titled Deaths of Horrible Opera Singers caused a stir in a small Midwestern elementary school. Encouraged, the weird kid who created it went on to write such perennial classics such …

Weird Stories by Author Kat D Hennessey

Splarks Stories

Splarks is a short story project. Irreverent. Absurd. Amusing. Intelligent. Plucky. Optimistic. Underdog power. Underwombat power.  Sometimes even undermonotreme power.

As spoken by my beloved Welcome to Nightvale: “for the weirdo in your life, even if that weirdo is …

Writing based on OtherWorldly Music by Kat D Hennessey

Otherworldly Music

Otherworldly Music is a flash fiction project inspired by music that blurs the line between the mundane and the magical. I’ve always called it otherworldly music: the kind of music that suggests dreams, the interdimensional, altered states, and the in-between. …